Activities in Mykonos

Activities in Mykonos

Are you an active and culture oriented traveller? Wondering what to do when in Mykonos?
I have lived here in the last 12 years so I got you covered!
Here is my list of top things to do in Mykonos:

  Sea cayak

Exploring the pristine environment of Mykonos, paddling around the dramatic coastline, and being the captain of your own vessel in the form of a modern sea kayak, allows you to reconnect with nature, reinvigorating your mind, body, and soul. Check mykonoskayak!

Bicycle tours

Multi-speaking and very talented Dimitra will help you explore by bicycle the unknown side of Mykonos. Ask her to arrange a romantic picnic for you! Check yummypedals!

 Cullinary lessons and catering

No more boring theoretical classes, here everything is hands-on! Irene is here to introduce you to the local products and cuisine!  Check spitikikouzina!