Delos&Mykonos Labyrinth(5-6hrs)

Mykonian Labyrinth

Are you an active traveller, curious and eager to explore? Are you fed up with overcrowded group tours? Are you interested in experiencing as much as possible during your stay in Mykonos? If the answer to all three questions is “yes”, then this is the tour you are looking for! I am a local certified tourist guide, who has been guiding in the last 14 years. After several tours I have conducted, I have realized how important is for the traveler to have a personal contact with his guide during the tour. I am not here to “read from the text” but to interact with you and help you enjoy your days in Mykonos. My groups are small and flexible and even on a busy day, we get to avoid the hordes of visitors, we skip the ticket lines and making sure that you are not missing a single word from my narration. This is a 6hr combo Delos and Mykonos town walking tour, arranged in a small group of up to 8 English speaking guests.

The tour starts right out of your hotel (in case you stay in town) or in front of the town hall of Mykonos. Once there, I am taking care of getting you the boat tickets to Delos. Even if you are not a history buff, or you are already tired of visiting ruins during your vacation, it is a common sense that Delos is a place you should not miss. Is it because of its magic energy, its mythological importance, its significance throughout centuries or just the fact that you are visiting a place inhabited today only by guards and archaeologists? Definitely it is the largest archaeological site on an island and only 25% of it has come to light so far. Even the trip to Delos is a charming experience as we need to board a boat that gets us there in about half an hour. Besides the endless buildings, pieces of buildings, (ancient houses, cisterns, theater, temples) and spectacular views, there is a museum with any of the statues and archaeological finds that were not taken to Athens, more than enough to keep you interested.

The town of Mykonos is one of the best examples of Cycladic architecture and is a maze of streets and alleys so that you never know where you will end up. But along the way you will see things that may surprise you, from a branch of your favorite boutique that you assumed only existed in Manhattan or Paris, to expensive restaurants owned by famous international chefs, traditional churches, famous jewelry shops, Greek tavernas, fast food joints and so much more. On a ridge over town stretches a trademark row of five windmills, overlooking a tidy embankment so pretty we call it “Little Venice.”After we make our way through the charming labyrinth with its white washed lanes and the sugar cube buildings, after we pose for our necessary postcard photos in front of the characteristic trademarks of the settlement, we get to stop for a treat at a local family owned deli, where we enjoy the hospitality of the owners along with a rich variety of cold appetizers (cheese, pastes, olives, breadsticks and more) with unlimited consumption of cold raki. The tour ends at the old port, where most of the cafes and restaurants are located, spot with easy access to the shopping streets as well as to the taxi station in case you would like to return back to your hotel.